Cost effective

SIPP continuously drain rainwater from the transformer bund, which means there is always room for transformer cooling oil in case of a breakdown. Thus eliminating even the expensive cleanup costs that could arise if the oil runs out of bund. In addition, service staff get more time to spend on the operation of the power grid.

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Environmentally safe

Rainfall in the transformer bund get contaminated with transformer oil spills, perspiration and leakage. This means a measuring instrument is needed in order to detect if the water is polluted or not. SIPP ™ continuously measures the waters oil content and empties only that which is purer than 5 ppm.

Never over




Complies with existing legislation

According to the Environmental Code, it is illegal to drain contaminated water in nature and the requirement to use best available technology to prevent this. The law also includes reverse burden of proof, which means that the plant owner has to prove his innocence to discharges of polluted water.

By using SIPP ™ you met all requirements of the Environmental Code. After each discharge a protocol is created, stating how much water was discharged, the average oil content and geographic location. Your proof of an environmentally safe discharge.

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